The House With A Secret


Joshua Davis had everything going for him. He had recently been accepted into UCSD's Medical School and honorably discharged from the military, but that's when things took a turn for the dark. Strange, unexplainable phenomena began occurring when he met Samantha and started spending time at "The House." Unwillingly thrust into the world of the supernatural, it is up to Josh to prevent a portal to Hell from being opened and save the Earth from the ravages of demons.

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Just as the author’s (Andy Barker) own military experience in the medical field, “The House with a Secret” can quickly be blurred between reality and fiction. There are at times where the reader begins to think if the story is somewhat loosely based on the author’s own personal experiences. The protagonist, Joshua Davis, finds himself in San Diego after tours in Afghanistan and the paradise island of Oahu, Hawaii. Davis quickly meets up with Samantha, a single mother of two daughters.

After a short period of courtship, Davis moves in with the family of three part-time, on the insistence of Samantha. After spending some time at the house, Davis starts to hear strange sounds coming from the walls and eventually upstairs. These sounds get so severe that Davis begins to search the house room to room and floor to floor while the family is at Tae Kwon Do practice. After finding nothing out of the ordinary, he goes into Jennifer’s room. As he opens the closest, he screams and then is awaken by Samantha as they return home. Here is when Davis begins to believe he’s having severe PTSD issues. What makes the experience worse is having a daughter tell you that it’s not safe to stay at the house. But why?

Barker does a great job in holding the suspense until the last possible moments of the story. There are several humorous moments especially in the dramatic sequence of events that provides a possible nod to writers such as Clive Barker with his Hellraiser series.

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