Podcast Episode 27: Tim Kennedy

Episode 27:  Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy joins us for episode 27.  We talk about why he joined the Army, his time both active duty in in the Guard as well as his controversial statement (see below) about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  We also talk about how he got started into fighting and his time in the UFC.

Tim is an Army Sniper and Special Forces veteran.  He has multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan

Tim has a lot of irons in the fire.  If you’re interested in some tactical training or just some cool gear check out his websites and contact him.

Ranger Up

Sheepdog Response

It was a blast having Tim on the show.  We wish him much success in the future and hope to have him back.t

Tim’s Statement on PTSD

“I’m asked daily about how and why I don’t have PTSD. I’m probably the last person on Earth you should ask about this stuff. I have killed kids and women during war. I have seen my friends and fellow soldiers burn alive. My adult life is filled with the things horror movies are made of. I could have nightmares every night or be a medicated PTSD victim if I didn’t choose every day to make a difference for myself and more importantly for the men that died to my left and right. I don’t give a fuck about how they say we are supposed to heal. I’ll tell you how to get better. You stop being a pussy. You get up early and train. You train so hard your hands bleed, and you sweat acid. You train so hard you collapse seeing stars. You go get cleaned up. Have a healthy meal. Look your best, dress nice. Then know that the real work is about to start. Find something bigger than yourself and pour every ounce of who you are into it. If that’s your family, be the best father on Earth. If you are a cop, firefighter, or a trash man, be the BEST. Know every law, regulation, or route like the back of your hand. Be the best shot on the force. Be in better shape than every officer in the country, and serve the community like its your reason for living. When you finally get home, be a generous lover then collapse into bed. You should be falling asleep before your head hits the pillow because you worked so hard every moment of the day. Get up the next day…. and start all over again. At some point, and I’m not sure when, you won’t need to do these things any more…. but you will, because you know you are making a difference. It won’t be about you getting better or healthier. It will be about you contributing and giving. It will be about being the best version of yourself, and that version is a baddass that is hard to kill, that doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think. You do the right thing because you believe in it. When you finally get to heaven and get to see your brothers, they will high five you as you walk by because you made their death worth something and made your life meaningful. Hell you might even get a little wink and a pat on the ass from God as you walk by. #greenberet #ranger #sniper #oef #oif #infantry #Isis #pstd”

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andy barker

Andy is a husband, father, and an avid Martial Artist. He has a beautiful wife Connie, and two wonderful children. He competes regularly in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo, and holds Black Belt ranks in Judo and Japanese Jujitsu and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Andy Barker enlisted in the United States Navy in 1989. He was a Hospital Corpsman serving with Marine Corps Infantry Battalions, aboard two submarines as the sole medical provider for the crew and with the Amphibious Navy. Andy received his Bachelors of Science in Nursing and was Commissioned in the Navy Nurse Corps in 2011. He remains on active duty currently serving in the Hampton Roads area. Andy is an amateur filmmaker and blogger. You can find him on YouTube under MadSiss Productions and on Vimeo under the same name.

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